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orca boat attacks

Category: News and Politics

this is gonna be very long but if you care about animals/endangered animals or marine life in general then i would really love it if you read the whole thing. if you haven't heard yet, there's recently been some reoccurring incidents of orcas attacking boats. you've likely seen some memes about it or links to an article with some exaggerated title or something. marine life is a huge personal speci... » Continue Reading

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The Kaleidoscope Forest

Category: Writing and Poetry

The Kaleidoscope Forest  Down in a deep valley between a hill and a mountain, in the middle of two well-populated villages, you'll find a large, dangerous and (suspiciously) perfectly round forest. In the middle of the forest, there is a lake filled with thousands of powerful, rare, beautiful crystals and gemstones, each with its own magical properties. As the sun shines down on the perfectly clea... » Continue Reading

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drew some sillies!!!!!

Category: Art and Photography

twilight !!!!!!!!!! (this is the first time i've ever drawn her ToT) yipeeeeeee (plus some sona (lutescent glaze) art !!) » Continue Reading

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valentines day <3

Category: Life

i used to pretend to hate valentines day because a) i was a silly quirky teen who thought liking cheesy things was cringe and b) there was a joke among my secondary school friends and i that based on the way my birthday is i was most likely conceived on valentines day 2002 and bc i was also depressed and nihilistic i would get so annoyed about it. like how dare my parents un-consensually create me... » Continue Reading

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