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09/22/22 - Windows 7 Fixation

Category: Life

So, pretty much everything I think about has to do with my nostalgia. And recently, I've been super fixated on Windows 7! It's on Windows 11 but... When I first started messing with a computer, it used to be Windows 7. I changed my wallpaper to the windows 7 wallpaper because I missed it so much. » Continue Reading

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09/08/22 - Jeff The Killer Drawing!

Category: Art and Photography

I got Clip Studio Paint EX recently, and this is the first fully colored image I ever made with it! I'm pretty proud of this, I'm especially happy with the brushes. I'm glad I bought it! » Continue Reading

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09/05/22 - New Experiences and Things

Category: Life

Today I collected a bunch of web graphics, not a lot of new ones, but I moved ones from my tumblr to a discord server where I'm going to store them all for now. I also found a new type of graphic, fan buttons. I did, however, collect a lot of those. Those are definitely new. There are also banners! I think they're cool, they're definitely not as popular as stamps or blinkies. Below this is a banne... » Continue Reading

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09/03/22 - Reminiscing

Category: Life

Everything feels a little weird, in its own way. I don't mean that as a bad thing though. I feel like I'm drowning in something nice, but still very lonely. I've spent most of today messing around with decorating this blog in particular. I want to decorate the blogs I write to resemble how I feel. Right now, I feel purple and black, and I feel engulfed in nostalgia. Nostalgia is such a strange fee... » Continue Reading

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