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i like being a slut and fast cars

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Category: Music

Music is honestly so so so important. Im in a band and I wish I was good at writing lyrics because i could write such good ones. I always sit and think about all the different topics i could write on, im just not good at it. Past that music is just so helpful to everyone. You can relate to it and it can genuinely help people get better. Its 100x times better when you can relate to and feel the emo... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

Im so jelly over all my friends like ALL of them. Its so annoying. I hate it when my friends become friends with other people, I HATE when they start dating people because it scares me. I wanna write about somebody but I can’t because they might see, but its just so bad. Even when my friends talk about other people it pisses me off. Im in a trio and I know at least one of them will see this but we... » Continue Reading

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