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Recent HS grad, live in the US of A

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My answers to This or That questions by GlamCat

Category: Quiz/Survey

Uhhhh I’m lazy so I’ll finish this latr :/ Currently on number 23 :) This or That: 50 Random Questions  Made by GlamCat 1. Rock or rap music? Rock. 2. Pizza or burgers? Pizza, so I can fight over the last slice >:3 3. Talking or listening? Oooh dis is a hard one. I rlly like talking on and on when I know the other person doesn’t mind, so talking! 4. YouTube or TikTok? YouTube, I like the long form... » Continue Reading

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Ongoing play/read/listen/watchlist blog

Category: Blogging

I’m thinking I should make a list of all the stuff I plan to read or watch or listen or play or whatever in the future, just to keep track of and kinda show what I’m interested in but not knowledgeable in I am VERY open to recommendations! !!! But I am VERY bad with procrastination!!! (or… good at procrastination?) Shows: Sailor Moon Twin Peaks Movies: Romeo and Juliet (the leo caprio one) Books: ... » Continue Reading

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Hi guys

Category: Blogging

Hi everybody, I'm just exploring the website functions right now. Idk what much to write. I'm on a trip up north right now, just a family thing 4 the summer. Yay! States! So far I've listened to some music and responded to petty arguments, my only vice :/ The city looks very odd at night. The neon lights feel so unnatural when it feels like the sky should be reserved to the moon and the stars and ... » Continue Reading

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