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My answers to This or That questions by GlamCat

Uhhhh I’m lazy so I’ll finish this latr :/

Currently on number 23 :)

This or That: 50 Random Questions Made by GlamCat

1. Rock or rap music?


2. Pizza or burgers?

Pizza, so I can fight over the last slice >:3

3. Talking or listening?

Oooh dis is a hard one. I rlly like talking on and on when I know the other person doesn’t mind, so talking!

4. YouTube or TikTok?

YouTube, I like the long form playthroughs and stuffz

5. Spongebob or Patrick?

I admire spongebob’s optimism and Patrick’s slothful nature in equal measure. I think I’ll say spongebob cuz I, too, can be incredibly obnoxious 

6. Single or Taken?

Taken, but my partner’s not on here so I tend not to talk ab them

7. Fall or Spring?

I love flowers, but I’m gonna pick Autumn here. Perfect tempatures, falling leaves, pumpkin, hot chocolate, soups, Halloween !!!!!

8. Clouds or Stars?

Clouds. I like seeing the different shapes, sometimes the sky looks so much like a painting 

9. Dogs or Cats?

Cats. I luv dogs but I enjoy the softer types that kitties tend to be :3333

10. Shrek or Donkey?


11. Red or Green?

Green, like a luscious field

12. Books or Movies?

Another hard one! I wanna consume more of both, but I’ve had so many good experiences with books I gotta pick those. Tho I’d choose plays in a second if they were an option

13. Facebook or Instagram?

Instagram. I love spamming my friends with reels :3 and getting into arguments

14. Train or Plane?

Train. It’s very nice to see the rolling countryside rolling by, plus from the outside there’s cool graffiti on some trains

15. Pooh or Tigger?

Hmm. I do like honey, but I think I’m more of a tigger myself. I can be very jumpy and excitable, in the right mood

16. Past or Future?

The future, because it holds so much potential, and so many new friends.

17. Tattoos or Piercings?

I don’t have either myself, but tattoos seem cool.

18. Laundry or Dishes?

Something about playing in the warm water is very nice, unless there’s a ton of gunk to wash off. Laundry is v nice to feel the warm clothes afterwards. I’m gonna say dishes.

19. Snow or Thunderstorm?

Thunderstrom! They’re so powerful an d thematic…

20. Batman or Superman?

Batman! I like the cut of his jib

21. Mountains or Beach?

Mountains for sure. Swimming is cool and all but the wide open views, ahhh, I luv the mountains. Even if they get quite chilly.

22. Science or Art?

Hmm. I’m gonna say art because I’m a theatre kid ^_^ and bc theres so much cool music and visual artsy stuff to experience

23. Cookies or Brownies?

24. Blue or Yellow?

25. Ghost or Vampire?

26. Dinner or Movie?

27. Fantasy or Reality?

28. Gothic or Preppy?

29. Cottage or Mansion?

30. Reading or Writing?

31. Soup or Salad?

32. Sunny or Cloudy?

33. Outspoken or Reserved?

34. Silver or Gold Jewelry? 

35. Driver or Passenger?

36. Shower or Bath?

37. Early Bird or Night Owl?

38. Optimistic or Pessimistic? 

39. Planned or Spontaneous? 

40. Cook or Order Out?

41. Printed Or E-Books?

42. Pink or Black?

43. Busy or Bored?

44. Sweet or Savory?

45. Organized or Messy?

46. TV Shows or Movies? 

47. Saturday or Sunday?

48. Flight or Road Trip?

49. Modern or Vintage?

50. Truth or Dare?

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