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Spring Weekend Blog!! ( ´ ꒳ ` )

Category: Blogging

selamat pagi!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I sincerely hope everyone is doing well, and having a great weekend!! I felt a bit bored so I chose to write a short blog. (I might post this on Monday though, since it's quite late lol) Greetings!! I'm very sorry that I didn't finish » Continue Reading

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day 2 of spring break!! ∑d(°∀°d)

Category: Blogging

it's the second day of spring break!! hope everyone's doing well » Continue Reading

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spring break is now here!! ( = ⩊ = )

Category: Blogging

it is very late at night (12:36am) i usually don't stay up this late..  (o-_-o) but, i might just go to sleep right now and complete this blog in the morning, no rush after all, spring break has begun!!  (¯▿¯) i shall sleep and continue writing in the morning!!  » Continue Reading

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HTML code for larger font?

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

can anyone share the code to make text larger in the "about me" section? i've been looking everywhere but i cant find the code. i just want to make one line in my 'about me' larger so it'll pop out. i believe its supposed to look like " text " surrounding the text. im quite new to spacehey,, forgive me,,,, if anyone knows, please comment!! thank youuu! :3  EDIT: no worries!!! after posting this i ... » Continue Reading

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Σ(°△° ꪱꪱꪱ) are my interests childish?!!

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

man i feel like a little kid for my interests lol (non derogatory) i've been into tropical kinda outfits, (like tropical gyaru ig, it just looks like something a little girl would like idk) and i've been watching so many flamingo videos (╥_╥) also ppl have been commenting on my sneezes?? apparently they sound like a kid's sneeze, but i don't hear it at all lmao (also how does a kid sneeze differen... » Continue Reading

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gyaru research final!!?!!!

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

BROOOOO my english final is some sort of research project (of the students choice) and ofc i had to choose gyaru!!!! im not gyaru myself but oml i love it to death ;) (im actually comparing gyaru and sukeban because those two fashions should kiss) we've only started about 2 weeks ago and the whole project will continue until april i believe? we have to just study a topic deeply and blah blah blah ... » Continue Reading

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