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Torben made an iphone app for showing the latest Spacehey blog posts

If you have an iphone running iOS 14, there's an app called "Scriptable" that lets you write a little bit of custom java script to accomplish a task. (I'm intentionally misspelling the name of that programming language because spacehey bans it, heh.)

Torben wrote a script that creates a widget on your iphone to display the lastest blog posts on Spacehey; he posted about it on his Spacehey blog here.

If you install the "Scriptable" app on your iphone, you can copy Torben's script here, paste it into "Scriptable", and it creates a little widget showing the blog posts.

It looks like this ...

Very cool!

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@Tim, thanks!

@Torben, de nada — nicely done

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Super cool find!

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Torben Haack

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Thank you for writing a blog post about it :) And for the kind words of course! Appreciate it ✨

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