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"still dying but extra alone"

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what even (kinda vent but no specifics)

Category: Life

i’m not a person anymore, i don’t like things i don’t have a favorite anything, i dislike things i think but i don’t know, i don’t have preferences and i can’t make decisions, i don’t like things cus other people like them or i like things cus other people like them, i don’t do things, i don’t have hobbies or interests, i was erased and i know exactly when i happened, i used to like things, i had ... » Continue Reading

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actually important!!!

Category: Life

if y’all get a friend request from a person named kota (says he’s 16 has no other socials and a twin sister), and any person claiming their pfp is them make sure you search google for the image cus i just got bamboozled by a child predator  » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

no one likes me and i know why sometimes, i can recognize i have horrible anger issues but i can also recognize that people shouldn’t lie about loving me. im not in the wrong, i should be allowed to be angry but maybe i shouldnt be this angry but then people tell me i need to be angry more often and its so confusing, i dont know what people want from me, im doing my best but it will never be enoug... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

my sister moved out like two days ago and my parents are being all freaked about it. they are worried imma turn into a hermit and do nothing but sleep. my friends don't really have the time to hang out with me so they aren't wrong when they think i do nothing but i have been making puppets for a school project recently. i only have two of the heads done but i have to make four whole puppets and a ... » Continue Reading

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First day!

Category: Blogging

So this is like my first ever blog thingy sooooo imma just sum up my vibes and what I plan to do on here!  im a weird gay teen boy and im super lonely so why not use a random website to post my art projects, vent poetry, baking, cool outfits, not funny jokes, and general weird stuff i do  im mostly just looking to talk and maybe make a few new friends!  » Continue Reading

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