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Been playing Omori recently

Category: Blogging

hella good game but it is currently making me feel not great :,) » Continue Reading

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Moon Goddess

Category: Writing and Poetry

In the wreckage of my old roots is where I find you, tangled beneath the dying foliage. The memories are darkening and fading but you stay clear and bright, like the slowly setting moon. You are my moon, my goddess. We keep in touch. You send me letters by blackbirds. I nail my responses to the tree outside. You always collect them, somehow, when you come around. My dove, my goddess. The dead of n... » Continue Reading

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why is the heats so hot @~@

Category: Blogging

i hate living in the south. i hate having a big school that makes you walk everywhere. i wanna sit in the freezer until october. » Continue Reading

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some tumblr mutual you forgot you followed with be like "teehee what's my red flag ^u^" as if they don't have sixteen

Category: Blogging

like, i wanna block you so bad but you literally reblog all my shit. how do i get your fandoms off my dash w/o being rude to you, you never stop interacting with me jfc » Continue Reading

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