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"cogito ergo sum ... I think, therefore I am /ref"

They/it/xe/he or really anything,, I got them memory issues.


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*.★ All Of My Interests

Category: SpaceHey

OK. SO. im too lazy to completely redo my interests. and its a bit. difficult to read ( at least phor me ). so. ima just leave this here !! Easy to read + better sorting that makes me happy also. id love if youd int if you like these. a lot of these r cringe cringe and have small very small phandoms. so. i dont expect it but id be cool.  Note - ★ means past hyperfixations » Continue Reading

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Intro (+ DNI / BYI ) [revamped]

Category: Friends

( seems long, but really isnt. its just spacehey phormating ) hi! my name is party but i also go by quite a phew other names ( listed in my pronouns.cc !! ). @MarineBiology - pronouns.cc  ,,  im a artist, mainly drawing my ocs + phanart ( specificall » Continue Reading

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*.★Welcome Home Artbook

Category: Art and Photography

most of this is older. i haven’t drawn WH phanart in a bit, but i do sometimes. Doesn’t and does include some Oc stuff but mainly canon characters. Also one Au thingy I used to work on.. ( a lot of these are poppy. I really like Poppy ) .. » Continue Reading

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*.★Regretevator / Phighting (and other Roblox games) rambles

Category: Games

 Storing random ramblings and headcanons of Roblox  I lov roblox (No idea what category to use, so games) A TON of headcanons phor most of the Regretevator characters. Mainly Au stuffs » Continue Reading

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*.★ Regretevator Art (that I make sometimes)

Category: Art and Photography

All the little dumb stuff I draw for that one elevator game on Roblox. I love it so dearly!! Mainly post these on my bulletins first before putting them here in little batches Some are crunchy just a bit, I have no idea why .. » Continue Reading

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