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I'm dd. Hate x86. Love Touhou.

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VoWHAT? What is Voice Over tech?

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Despite already using the LTE network, my phone provider urged me to upgrade my SIM card (for free), due to the card lacking VoLTE support. That reminded me of a few things. Let's do a fun little history recap and explain what the Vo stuff is, because I'm bored! The past Back in Ye Old Days, telephone networks were manually operated, but eventually switched to mechanically switched signals. Pulse ... » Continue Reading

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"Why do people still write low level code when the compiler does it better?"

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

(I originally got this question on another platform and decided to repost it here.) By low-level, I'll assume someone means working with a system programming language like C and C++, and not the term used for low-level hardware access used by freestanding operating system kernels and drivers. Some unfortunate people think they know better (that's the tl;dr), but some may have found a » Continue Reading

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My Favourite Music of All Time

Category: Music

It's crazy that we all have music that we always come back to. For me, my taste in music "peaked" in the 2012 era regarding electronic music. Or, maybe 2012±2 years? Anyway, an excellent set of mixes for me were always Designer Drugs' DATAMIX mixes. In his own words, it is what he calls "hypecore" and they're full of energy. You can find them over at Soundclou » Continue Reading

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Significant Video Games of my Youth

Category: Games

My parents were rather busy people for having raised 4 children. When they were busy... I played a ton of video games by myself. Flash Games When I first got my very first, personal computer, I believe I was 11 years old. It was also quite an entry to the World Wide Web. Oh look, free games! How fun. Miniclip, Mofozone, and Kongregate (Level 20) are all fantastic examples. DUI, Stonny, tower defen... » Continue Reading

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