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Music recsss!!!

Category: Music

I'm obsessed with Interpol to the max rn, so if anyone can recommend bands with similar vocal sounds I'd totes super apprec! I'm really into how Banks sounds in like,, all of Turn On the Bright Lights but esp in Stella was a Diver. Also, some more recommendations for bands that sound like Joy Division and The Cure would be super appreciated toooooo! As well as bands like Siouxsie and the Banshees,... » Continue Reading

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*Cartoon snoring *

Category: Life

I just woke up after a sleepover and somehow this is the most tired i’ve ever been in my life » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

YOOOOOOOO COMING AT YOU LIVE from an English classroom, learning about the salem witch trials and shit which is gonna be really interesting. This class is probably the worst. Not because like, I don't like English. I love English. I just dislike my teacher. She's not like, a piece of shit or nothin, I just don't particularly like her yk? I feel like when you say you don't like something people alw... » Continue Reading

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Flower Envy

Category: Blogging

Bro I've got like, school in a few hours or whatever but that is extremely off topic.  I wish I looked like primula victoriana gold lace. I wish I looked like them, they look so fake but they're real. Look at them with their little outlined petals. Comic book looking ass. I love them. » Continue Reading

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