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Sagan's "Pale Blue Dot" on Earth Day

Category: Blogging

What opportunity could be better to post Carl Sagan's speech on humanity in "The Pale Blue Dot" than Earth Day? I hope y'all are aware what day this is. Here in Central Europe the day is almost over, but most my fellow SpaceHeyers are located overseas, the majority in the USA, so you'll have still enough time for thoughts on life, the universe and everything, especially its meaning for all mankind... » Continue Reading

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Female/male ratio in my Friendlist

Category: Friends

Dear possibly interested requester... If you are male, you will probably not be interested in the following. But if you're female, please note, I'm not here to collect girls, ladies, women just to the sake of the nu » Continue Reading

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Requests from private profiles

Category: SpaceHey

For some time now there's a possibility to privatize your profile. That's ok, nothing that bothers me, though it's a little too bad, as I'm somewhat curious and like to have a look at other's profiles. But at the latest when it comes to friend requests, it becomes frigging annoying, when you want to see who it comes from and they hide behind their privacy. It's a bit like someone rings the door be... » Continue Reading

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"This profile is private and only accessible to friends."

Category: SpaceHey

Wether you make your profile private or not, is up to you, but I will not accept any requests from users whose profile I can't have a look at! PERIOD!!! (yes /josh/, you're meant...) » Continue Reading

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