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Category: SpaceHey

-DNI- Subsection: Duh. This whole section can be said in one line, two words. Federal. Criminals. examples: Rapists, Zoophiles, Pedophiles, & other sexual crimes Subsection: Obvious. Bigotry of any form. examples include: Racism, Ableism, Colorism, Homophobia, Transphobia etc. etc. Subsection: Not Obvious. (aka the real meat of the list) Haters of the new gay flag (see it in my pfp) Truscum Haters... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

About me!!!! Name: Topaz or Magnolia Birthday: December 6th (17 currently) Pronouns: It/Its, Xe/Xer, They/them (in order of preference) Sexuality: Gay (nwlnw) Gender: Trans Masculine, Agender, Catgender More!! More!! I'm autistic and would benefit from tone tags  plsss I really dont like always having to start conversations first (dont get me wrong im fine doing it sometimes hell! even most of the... » Continue Reading

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Topaz Mood Board (Jan)

Category: Art and Photography

before i put anything, im topaz, this is about me not the gem! this is hopefully gonna be a monthly thing with me and my best friend! » Continue Reading

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