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Meow 2

Category: Life

My mom wants me to get tested for autism  That’s it that’s the entry goodnight everypony and Garfields  » Continue Reading

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Category: Friends

Having a penpal looks so much fun like u can use stickers to send to letters to friends I love letters they’re so much cuter than texting tbh like a whole lot slower too but still they’re much better » Continue Reading

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Meow meow

Category: Blogging

Blogging  My gums hurt I am gonna cry and I also really feel like talking so yay  I hate crochet diamond shapes I hate them so much why are mine so skinny they’re not supposed to look like that I hate it  I love loving obscure characters it’s so much fun like nobody talks abt them they’re mine they’re my babygirl and I love them so much  » Continue Reading

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Me n who

Category: Friends Me n who  (Plz tell me it works I don’t even know I wanna add picture but no it doesn’t allow me to stupid thing) » Continue Reading

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First blog yay!

Category: Blogging

This is the first time I do this so like, it’s more to try out how this all works so it’s not quite important! I would love to do blogging tho so I don’t know if anyone is interested in an unclear 6 page rant about toxic anime fandoms in general or any other long rant about jojo but if u are yay! This is so cool! Meow meow meow  This one is less cool  How do I get the bright purple one for my lett... » Continue Reading

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