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penguin’s byf/dni

Category: SpaceHey

i’d like to first clarify that my dni is not a moral compass. being on a dni does not necessarily make you morally inferior. it is important to acknowledge that everyone has different squicks and boundaries. you can infer that i block bigots rather than asking them politely to not interact. BEFORE YOU FRIEND/FOLLOW ME i am anti-harassment. under no circumstances should you harass another user or s... » Continue Reading

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shut up you’re stupid

Category: Music

They read your palm, lead you on Tell you everything you need is gone That energy you’re feeding on She does the best impression of me Says it came out unintentionally Is it a simulation or an incantation? Perhaps it’s just the syncing of vibrations Or perhaps you’ll never guess, there is no subtext Let’s just get undressed (Huh) Takin' all my vitamins And searchin' for enlightenment The world is ... » Continue Reading

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beware of neo-nazi

Category: SpaceHey

hello spacehey! i’ll keep this short and sweet. (lie.) there are two users on this website in a relationship who happen to be neo-nazis. one is more outward about it on their profile (nazi symbols, speaks of throwing bricks at people of color, favorite book is hitler’s manifesto) so it’s easier to avoid them. however, one is not transparent about it. this user is seemingly accepting/sending out fr... » Continue Reading

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my favorite penguin riddle

Category: Writing and Poetry

What do you call an Emperor Penguin with an AK-47? » Continue Reading

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baby penguin 🐧

Category: Life

my daughter’s been running wild around the house all day!  (also, she keeps calling me “mama,” so that’s something…)  she seems to have tuckered herself out by now but boy am i beat! im glad to see the people of this website are doing well.  :^) » Continue Reading

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