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i’d like to first clarify that my dni is not a moral compass. being on a dni does not necessarily make you morally inferior. it is important to acknowledge that everyone has different squicks and boundaries. you can infer that i block bigots rather than asking them politely to not interact.


i am anti-harassment. under no circumstances should you harass another user or start hate campaigns. if someone is causing active harm, you block them and report them. or, if it’s a matter of different opinions, just block them. i don’t encourage report flooding based off of conflicting views. 

i accept everyone with open arms! i’ve seen how ageist people can be on this website, though i’m not comforable interacting with those under 13. i don’t believe children should befriend strangers on the internet.

i am pretty tolerant of dark fiction. it doesn’t make me uncomfortable as i dabble in taboo tropes here and there. (this should be obvious due to my enjoyment of gotham.) however, i don’t personally promote it on my page. if something is off-putting to me or simply not my taste, it’ll be in my dni.


– pro-harassment/cyber-bullying

– pro-contact paraphiles (generally the big three)

– toddlercons

– ageists

– ableists (uses ableist language, has ableist views)

– overtly crude/offensive humor

– tcc/the part of the true crime community that idolizes violent criminals/offenders

– anti-recovery

– nsfw/fetish profile

i don’t put stuff like “nazis/racists/misogynists” in my dni because people like that don’t respect boundaries to begin with. thanks for reading! :^)

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