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beware of neo-nazi

hello spacehey! i’ll keep this short and sweet. (lie.) there are two users on this website in a relationship who happen to be neo-nazis. one is more outward about it on their profile (nazi symbols, speaks of throwing bricks at people of color, favorite book is hitler’s manifesto) so it’s easier to avoid them. however, one is not transparent about it. this user is seemingly accepting/sending out friend requests to many people on spacehey. if you find yourself friending lots of strangers but don’t want to interact with a neo-nazi, look out for the username “J1nkySk8r.” a few of my friends had this individual added due to their seemingly innocent profile. do not leave comments on their page (if they have comments on) and do not send them a friend request in hopes of harassing them. you would be putting yourself in danger. if you want them removed from the platform, report them, though i doubt it will do anything without sufficient evidence. all i ask is you block them. i would say the other neo-nazi’s username but it’s pretty obvious from their profile alone and you can find them through J1nkySk8r.

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