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"Procrastinating on coding this darn thing.. Eventually!!!"

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Sorry for not being super active!

Category: Blogging

I check my spacehey daily but in terms of community engagement I pretty much don't do it that much at all x"D I'm usually on my twitter or newgrounds actively but I do pop on here routinely to accept friend requests and tweak my profile sometimes (which I plan to edit a bit cuz I wanna try a different palette/image layout). » Continue Reading

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Quick Answers Survey (quick post 1)

Category: Blogging

1. Last place you were? The Kitchen 2. Place you wish you were right now? The Mall (It's been a long time tbh) 3. last thing you ate? Pretzels and Microwaved burritos. 4. Shoes you are wearing: None right now. 5. mountains, beach, or meadow- where would you rather go: A meadow. 6. Favorite animal: This fluctuates but honestly I love cats... and also komodo dragons. 7. Favorite food: Chicken Salad,... » Continue Reading

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I think I got my profile looking good

Category: Blogging

I spent all day trying to properly code my page and that easily became 10 hours of work for something that isn't too complicated by it's roots. I think it was just trial and error and experimentation cuz I was the same way when I used to code my DeviantArt page back in like... 2016-2017 (ya know.. before DA made page coding extinct.. thanks eclipse update ew) so I had to just relearn how to organi... » Continue Reading

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