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Quick Answers Survey (quick post 1)

1. Last place you were?

The Kitchen 2. Place you wish you were right now?

The Mall (It's been a long time tbh) 3. last thing you ate?

Pretzels and Microwaved burritos. 4. Shoes you are wearing:

None right now.
5. mountains, beach, or meadow- where would you rather go:

A meadow. 6. Favorite animal:

This fluctuates but honestly I love cats... and also komodo dragons. 7. Favorite food:

Chicken Salad, Fries, Pasta, Anything spicy in general. 8. Favorite drink:

Coffee 9. Hottest celebrity:

Hrmm... honestly this is really hard to answer, but I guess Hailey Williams from Paramore? 10. Favorite book:

Watership Down. 11. Favorite movie:

Cloverfield 12. favorite xmas gift you have ever gotten:

My current computer! 13. what happened this year that made you happy:

Getting followed by NinjaMuffin and TomFulp on Newgrounds, and joining NG in general. 14. where you live:

Oklahoma. 15. favorite candy:

I try not too eat much candy but I like anything chocolate.
16. A fear:

Spiders / Tarantulas. 17. Another fear:

18. how rain makes you feel:

Calm and relaxed.
19. love:

MANY THINGS, and my gf lol 20. what you want for your birthday:

Uhh well my birthday was like a month ago so this an answer for this will age poorly.

This was a random survey I just felt like doing, might as well.

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