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I think I got my profile looking good

I spent all day trying to properly code my page and that easily became 10 hours of work for something that isn't too complicated by it's roots. I think it was just trial and error and experimentation cuz I was the same way when I used to code my DeviantArt page back in like... 2016-2017 (ya know.. before DA made page coding extinct.. thanks eclipse update ew) so I had to just relearn how to organize my code and what to add. Now that I can figure out what to do I can easily add and remove with ease so that's good.

I may add a few more stuff if I feel like it, I just gotta look around for fun code stuff and modify it to my liking. My page really does look like a nerdy collection of my special interests LOL

This site was easy to figure out since I basically let myself absorb into going around the place trying to figure out stuff all day, so I'm glad I got eased in pretty easily.

I hope for anyone who peeps the profile likes it! if you have any ideas on what I should add in feel free to let me know xD

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It looks super cool! :)

I completely stopped using DA after eclipse came out. It's not as cool when you can't customize anything on your profile. And that was pretty much the only reason I used it over other websites. Eclipse is also annoying navigate.

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Thank you!!

Yeah, I spent so much money on core and loved how personal you could make your own page look!!! So many notable artists on the sites pages who had super detailed and good coding now have basically empty husk of a profile cuz eclipse looks so boring Dx

I dont use DA anymore as well, especially not after I began using Newgrounds XD

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Hell, i too, miss the old deviantart

also your layout is very well done!

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Thank you!!! my knowledge of HTML I have gotten from DeviantArt finally come back to me while working on my page xDD

Yeah, I remember I dumped so much money on core just to customize my profile with custom widgets using all the fancy CSS and HTML coding stuff D"x why did they have to remove it aaaghhh

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