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TF2 Blinkies (Graphics but theres nothing else than blinkies atm)

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Hai (^_^)!! As requested here are the links to the blinkies. If you have anymore TF2 graphics, pls pls do comment and I'll add them in! https://www.tumblr.com/science-party/725516138574970880/more?source=share https://www.tumblr.com/science-party/725497505952006144/made-more-blinkies?source=share https://www.tumblr.com/science-party/725488702148771840/tried-making-blinkies?source=share https://www... » Continue Reading

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Category: Web, HTML, Tech

DISCLAIMER: I don't really use pixels so there's no real category, but you can find them in some of the links in the 'Carrds' and 'other 'Other websites' sections! >DISCLAIMER 2: I'm not sure why, but my blog REFUSES to produce links to some, so a few links are just in text form. So sorry for any inconviniences this might cause! ---------------------------------------------------------------- > Ar... » Continue Reading

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Category: Friends

Please refer to the according pages in my Rentry . » Continue Reading

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Oh yeah i totally forgor!!!

Category: Friends

Happy Pride Month everybody1! I completely missed the first day LOL but second day is my day so ermmm I guess it still counts lol!! >o < » Continue Reading

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Shinji, hold that lesbian pin! (Yes, Asuka!)

Category: Art and Photography

totally not a shitpost, or an excuse to try out this feature » Continue Reading

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