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"thinking about my wonderful bf 24/7"

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𓆩♡𓆪 my favorite peeps

Category: Friends

Lulaby  - one of my best online friends!!! we met thru us both being admins for the singer Banshee's old discord server! laureli  - my most wonderful irl friend!! the only one that's stuck around!! we met in like kindergarten and started talking / becoming friends in 6th grade :) Chai » Continue Reading

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𓆩♡𓆪 introducing.... me!

Category: Blogging

:root{ --gray: #FFCECE; /* post background color */ --logo-blue: #FF96A7; /* navigation background color */ --lighter-blue: #FF96A7; /* nav links background */ --lightest-blue: #FFB4BC; /*sidebar background */ --light-orange: #FFCECE; /* comments table first child background */ --even-lighter-orange: #FFCECE; /* comments table second child background */ --borders:; --font-family: terminal, small f... » Continue Reading

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