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TF2 Loadout Portraits

Category: Games

Ok hello!!! I’m almost done with doing portraits of my loadouts if anyone wants one 😳 only thing is not all unusual effects work but if you want me to make you one send a pic of your loadout and i can!! (and i might mess with adding actual backgrounds if you want yours on an existing map just send me gamemode/map name for that too) SEND LOADOUT PICS AS REPLIES TO THIS POST THEY DON'T SHOW UP HERE ... » Continue Reading

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TF2 Group!

Category: Games

Heya!! This may be a little late ‘cause I made this group like a week ago but I’m realizing I wanna promo it in a bit of a more public and permanent way. I made a TF2 Group on here and I’d love to meet and talk to more people that enjoy the game and subsequent fanworks!! » Continue Reading

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More of an indepth About/BYF

Category: Blogging

Howdy! I'm Carcass, I go by Cass or Jack but my name hoard also includes Theo, Thel, Jackov, Thelxinoe, and Kal! My pronouns are Ey/Em or It/Its though my friends can get away with using regular ones for me. "She/Her like a boat" as a pal of mine put it. I'm 22 and I don't use many of my other socials just cause I hate that they're made for photos! So I'm hoping this can be a more active place for... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

Heya? I'm just gonna mess around on this, it might end up being my liveblogging/review type deal here tbh. have fun reading my thoughts I s'pose » Continue Reading

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