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More of an indepth About/BYF

Howdy! I'm Carcass, I go by Cass or Jack but my name hoard also includes Theo, Thel, Jackov, Thelxinoe, and Kal!

My pronouns are Ey/Em or It/Its though my friends can get away with using regular ones for me. "She/Her like a boat" as a pal of mine put it.

I'm 22 and I don't use many of my other socials just cause I hate that they're made for photos! So I'm hoping this can be a more active place for me to post my ramblings to.

I don't enjoy interracting with minors for the most part it stresses me out, if I don't add you back because of this I prommy it's not because of anything you did.

I'm a kinner and have a long ass kin list that can be found here, I'm not a source purist by any sort so just keep that in mind. I have some questionable and NSFW sources.

I'm currently in my TF2 era and I do not see any foreseeable end. I apologize for my mental illness

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