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Unfortunately, my former blog t4ct1cdvd3 was suspended. No doubt because of the definitely legal, completely safe posts I often posted to my blog. I want to say here and now that anything I have uploaded before and will upload now are all found completely legally. I don't go through the dark web to find my stuff or contact people just to get this type of information- it's all found within complete... » Continue Reading

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"A government doesn't announce that they have become fascist, they announce anti-fascists are enemies of the state." The email, now covered, to  contact the Counterterrorism Analysis Section of the FBI Counterterrorism Division is » Continue Reading

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This incendiary bottle is self-igniting on target impact. MATERIAL REQUIRED : Sulfiric acid Gasoline Potassium chlorate Sugar Glass bottle with stopper (roughly 1 quart size). Small Bottle or jar with lid. Rag or absorbent paper (paper towels, newspaper). String or rubber bands. HOW USED : Storage batteries Material processing Motor fuel Medicine Sweetening foods COMMON SOURCE : Motor vehicles Ind... » Continue Reading

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Ripped straight from the U.S. Marines Close-quarter Combat Manual, which you can find here , along with a number of other similar books. Major knife fighting target areas include the head, neck, torso, groin, and extremities . Accessible parts of the opponent’s body will vary with each situation. Although there are many insertion and slash points on the human body that can cause permanent damage o... » Continue Reading

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