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Back on Spacehey.

Unfortunately, my former blog t4ct1cdvd3 was suspended. No doubt because of the definitely legal, completely safe posts I often posted to my blog. I want to say here and now that anything I have uploaded before and will upload now are all found completely legally. I don't go through the dark web to find my stuff or contact people just to get this type of information- it's all found within completely legal books and websites that are open to the public for whatever reason they may need. All of my posts were linked to websites that anyone could find on the surface level of the internet.

I expected this to happen, though I don't know why I didn't think to try and put warnings on my posts to stop my account from getting suspended in the first place. Whoops. Expect to see precautions posted on my blog before any post I make. Otherwise, glad to be back! B)

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ohhh its you! I was wondering where you went!

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Yeah, me too! I didn't even realize what happened until maybe days after.

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