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Do I deserve love?

Category: Life

i am writing this at 6am because of flippant thoughts running around my head. i always feel like i deserve nothing—especially love. i grew up getting no attention from any other than my mom, and she ended up concealing it from me, leaving her miserable daughter seize for love. i seized from people who brought hostility and anguish that is still left inside me. it made me think that love will never... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

I’ve always thought I’m a bit stupid. Dense. Slow. People have told me. The thought of it, or maybe the fact, that I am indeed what people portray me as since I started to learn how to walk and speak would always befuddle me. Everytime I do something that would prove it, whether I blunder in front of people, or it takes me too long to understand a joke, or I have no idea how certain things work, i... » Continue Reading

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