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pls check out tardigrade inferno

Category: Music

they're so underrateddd they're a female lead dark cabaret/avante garde metal band and tbh I haven't heard any other bands like them!! » Continue Reading

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Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

I've watched this show like 15 times all the way through now and ims still not tired of it the music still slaps the jokes are still rlly funny I still get goosebumps from like the season finales n shit and uh yea!!1!1! I l ove this show sm I'm so hyped for the new movie and uhh yea I may have an obsession with this » Continue Reading

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My Top 10 Songs (July 2023)

Category: Music

So basically, this is just a list of songs that I've (re)discovered during July and really gotten into. I'll try to do this for upcoming months too!  discovered: *More Than I Could Chew - Mastodon *Goodbye Sober Day - Mr. Bungle *Break Those Bones Whose Sinows Gave Motion - Meshuggah *Lord of Ruins - Crypta *When a Demon Defiles a Witch - Whitechappel *Remembrance - Gojira *CAFO - Animals as Leade... » Continue Reading

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one of my biggest flexes in proseka

Category: Games

so uh, in project sekai I'm friends with cosmo bousou P (the guy who made disappearance of hatsune miku) and I don't even remember when we became friends lmao. But it's pretty cool either way. » Continue Reading

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