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24, 6’ 3”, 158lbs?, aspiring streamer and beginner hack.

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Big shot status

Category: Life

So I'm very strung out and easily influenced and my GOD do I want to be a big shot. So I'm gonna pretend like I am and maybe after a while of [faking it] I will. But until then I'll enjoy some [HYPERLINK BLOCKED] until I get there. Join me for my [specil deal] on streams if that tickles your fancy. Will I RP spamton? Maybe. » Continue Reading

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Category: Friends

Why do people change. Why don’t they listen to reason. Why do I feel as though I’m the only one who cares and thinks about their actions. Why do people shift blame. Why do I waste time on them when they don’t want to waste time on me. Why can’t we just live our best lives together the same way we’ve been doing since we were little. Why do you say you won’t change when you’re changing your mind dai... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

Ya know I’ve got issues talking about my deep dark thoughts and I can almost never say things that I want to so I’ll start listing some shit out whenever I come across them on here. Maybe someone wants to read it and if not I guess you’re in the wrong place.  So my friend/roommate moved out a while ago but he still comes around and acts like he lives in the place. He said he moved back in with his... » Continue Reading

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