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Category: SpaceHey

DNI: homophobes, transphobes, racists, proshippers, under 15, fujoshis, rcta BMF: spiderman fans, esp. spiderpunk fans, anime fans, esp. jjk, aot, serial experiments lain, horror movie fans, similar interests » Continue Reading

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Backpacking tips?

Category: Travel and Places

I'm planning my first-ever backpacking trip, and looking to go to Thailand!  bc its my first backpacking trip, im looking for any sort of tips for backpacking, cool places to go, good and cheap places to stay or eat, best ways to get around (should i rent/buy a scooter or something?) Im planning to stay for about a month. Im well-traveled, but never been backpacking. how much should i pack, what a... » Continue Reading

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Myspace survey!!

Category: Quiz/Survey

1. Last place you were?  school 2. Place you wish you were right now? hot topic! 3. last thing you ate? salmon 4. Shoes you are wearing: currently barefoot 5. mountains, beach, or meadow- where would you rather go: mountains! 6. Favorite animal: cats 7. Favorite food: mochi 8. Favorite drink: bubble tea, ice coffee or peach monster 9. Hottest celebrity: Mikey Way! 10. Favorite book: No Longer Huma... » Continue Reading

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Category: Friends

Friends? hai! im looking for new friends/mutuals.       No under 16 pls!!!!     im adrian! i like alternative music, my favorite bands are ICP, SOAD, MCR, slipknot and tv girl i like scary movies, especially the classic slashers, sanrio and san-x, cooking and baking and art junji ito is my favorite author and i watch alot of anime, especially psycological i want to go to medical school and become ... » Continue Reading

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