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Category: Music

Did y'all know...tHAT PANIC AT THE DISCO BROKE UP?!!! I am a teensy bit sad, but to think that it says P!ATD "broke up" is kinda funny to me cus like how did P!ATD break up if it was just one man? Did he like say that to himself in the mirror?? Whatever. It's not like I enjoyed modern panic anyway :P » Continue Reading

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Moving is a BITCH!

Category: Blogging

  Sooooo I'm moving to a new house in about a week and a half and I'm excited, but also nervous. BUT. I'm planning on decorating the shit outta my new room. If you guyz want, I'll blog abt the new room and maybe add a picture if I figure out how soon that is lol » Continue Reading

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Ok I might be done

Category: Life

So I think I finally found a profile picture. That's all. Bye lolz » Continue Reading

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Constantly changing my pfp :<

Category: Blogging

HEY!  SO. If you've been stalking my account (dw I'm not mad) you mighta noticed that I'm keep changing my pfp. I do that. Like, a lot. It's mostly cuz I'm so damn indecisive when it comes to what  my pfp is. Just hav patience. soooo ummmm is that a good first blog???? » Continue Reading

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