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✩°。⭑ INTROO :D ⭑。°✩

Category: Life

my name is lye!! yes that's a nickname not really sure how i got it but its a nickname for elliot      pronunciation guide for that; (it’s rly similar to ‘lie’ if that helps)      1) /l/, as in 'l'ook      2) /aɪ/, as in eye i prefer he/him, but they/them is alright if you’re more comfortable with that ↜(b •ω•)b  i'm in central daylight time (UTC-5), but my sleep schedule is a monstrosity and i ma... » Continue Reading

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dni list !!

Category: SpaceHey

✧ basic dni criteria; ➢ fatphobic, racist, islamophobic, homophobic, xenophobic, anti-semitic,  ➢ proshippers, poppytwt, MAP's, sexist/misogynistic, abelist ✧ people who belive in cringe culture - get over it ty ✧ this is a completely personal boundary, but people who's humor consists of making fun of people, no matter how lighthearted/playful it may be, i dont care if you don't 'mean it' i don't ... » Continue Reading

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