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dni list !!

✧ basic dni criteria;

➢ fatphobic, racist, islamophobic, homophobic, xenophobic, anti-semitic, 

➢ proshippers, poppytwt, MAP's, sexist/misogynistic, abelist

✧ people who belive in cringe culture - get over it ty

✧ this is a completely personal boundary, but people who's humor consists of making fun of people, no matter how lighthearted/playful it may be, i dont care if you don't 'mean it' i don't vibe w/ those sorta jokes d(゚ー゚d)

✧ idc what media you consume / what fandoms youre in as long as you're not toxic or hurting others :)

*this list is subject to change but that's the general stuff* 

rly just don't be a dick and we're chill◝(^⌣^)◜

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