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i be that pretty mf man.

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Category: Jobs, Work, Careers

i really needa job ASAP and its bothering me cs i have no money (i mean i have a wad of cash with almost 400 dollars) but my dad keeps it for idk what reason. i wanna work at a restaurant i cant se myself working at a grocery store or anything like that, I WANNA WORK AT A RESTAURANT!!!! my specialty is being a server i hate talking to ppl but ofc i have no choice, but its fine tho i make more mone... » Continue Reading

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hear me out

Category: Life

Getting by one day at a time. My challenges and trials grow. So a new mountain I must climb. A battle down this endless road. Everyday struggles renew. Life unique in an epic style. Sleepless nights turn my brain to stew. Yet I find a reason to smile. While I face challenges gal » Continue Reading

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im happy

Category: Life

Today was a pretty good day ngl, my dad was in a better mood and me and my bf played roblox and enjoyed ourselves ALL over the phone. "i gotta say today was a good day" iykyk lol » Continue Reading

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something to talk about honestly

Category: Life

4/08/22 im bored out of my mind rn im in 1st period at school kinda upset but im fine but today is me and my loves 4 months and im happy we're making it pretty far in the year yk? i hope today wont be so crappy bc i have to work 5-10 and its annoying imagine not being able to hang out with your love on your anniversary like... » Continue Reading

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just tryna get used to things lol<3

Category: Friends

hey guys um.. im new to this and i wanna get used to this what can i do to get used to things around here? im positive ill get no comments but i just wanna try lmao. » Continue Reading

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