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"Probably watching teen titans go "

teenager loves anime from Vinland

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I started making music

Category: Music

https://youtube.com/@AmariDestoyer Here’s my music page I post a lot of different stuff but in all of it I like to use sound effects and cartoon samples along with a lot of samples from old songs if there’s anything u like or dislike about it let me know thx  » Continue Reading

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Weird Niggas

Category: SpaceHey

Some y’all niggas here weird asf not like the emo niggas and all that I don’t got a problem with that Thas cool do your thing just the people who type like a anime girl that shit is weird but yk pretty cool website overall » Continue Reading

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2:30 am thoughts

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

Teen titans go really ain’t that bad just gen z kids don’t got the time or attention span for actually good story cartoons I’m in gen z and like story cartoons and episodic cartoons Ik what I’m talking bout anyway teen titans go is getting a season 9 and we still have no new dc cartoons » Continue Reading

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