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Update on reading TPOAW ^_^ (ALL UPDATES ARE GONNA BE HERE!!)

Category: Books and Stories

Hey y'all, I just finished the first part of The perks of a wallflower and damn was it a bit rough. (SPOILERS INCOMING Y'ALL!!!) First of, Charlie has two friends now which is great! And then he admitted to his English teacher that his sister is being abused by her boyfriend and the teacher called his parents and explained the situation and like settled everything with the sister and the boyfriend... » Continue Reading

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Im reading(what a nerd lol)

Category: Books and Stories

Hey y'all! I'm starting to read a book today, it's called The Perks Of a Wallflower! I heard of this from many people and decided to pick it up. I'm only a few pages in and I'd like to know if you guys have read it(or watched it, they have a movie or something) and I want to know your opinion of it. (i'll keep updating to let you guys know about the book) » Continue Reading

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Transformers: Rise of the beast was such a good movie!!!

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

I watch the movie new transformers movie and wow is it good! It has great diversity and characters, and the cinematography was amazing! Though it was a bit long, it was still amazing. I thought it was more of a kids movie, but it's not. I highly recommend you watch it, it is great!!! » Continue Reading

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