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dni criteria ✦

Category: Blogging

Please do NOT interact with me if any of the things listed apply to you, please understand that this is to save me from being uncomfortable. - Homophobes , Ableism , Racism , anything that is discriminatory to any groups. - People who force religion onto others. - Dream SMP fans. - Basic DNI criteria.  Thank you for reading and understanding! will be adding on when the time i » Continue Reading

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before u interact ✦

Category: Blogging

Before sending me a friend request, please read this. - I struggle with reading tones in text, please use tonetags when you think it its necessary. - I can be very slow when understanding some things so please dont react negatively if i dont get it on the first go. - Dont make fun of where im from LOL it’s tiring and really, was never funny - If you a » Continue Reading

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I’m officially a Bat Dad ^•.•^

Category: Pets and Animals

For christmas my mom adopted a fruit bat for me!! before you ask it’s kept at the zoo, but i’m allowed to visit whenever & leave food out for him! His name is Wednesday, i think it’s (probably obviously) after Wednesday Addams, but he’s so adorable! i saw him at  the zoo before and i stood there for roughly 20 minutes just admiring the beauty of the bats and the different types that the zoo had.  ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

Guys i’m literally so nervous yet like, excited at the same time.. this is gonna be my first proper metal/rock concert :333 » Continue Reading

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