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about (✮ READ ME)

Category: Blogging

𓆩♱𓆪 HEY THERE!! i’m josie XP. i'm 17 and i really love snuff :3.  ⛧°。⋆༺♱༻⋆。°⛧ i don’t have anything specific that’s on my mind majority of the time, so anything that i put on here is really just a thought or ramble ⛧°。⋆༺♱༻⋆。°⛧ i'm still in the process of developing my account, so any help with codes would be greatly appreciated!  ⛧°。⋆༺♱༻⋆。°⛧ yes i have socials. will i link them? probably not. just... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

these kids on this website man XD. it makes me wanna rip my hair out. genuinely, all these accounts on here are the same; "i like mcr, scene music... etc". LITERALLY WHERE'S THE ORGINALITY IN Y'ALLS TASTE?? this generation is so sad. i just fucking saw this person copy and paste eric harris' diary and change the wording, THEN SIGNED  IT OFF WITH THEIR NAME. lol if youre going to at least idolize e... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

soooooo from certain circumstances, i thought i should talk about my second acid trip! :D so this was about 3 years ago and me and my friend Lukas had bought like 4 tabs lmao. we walked to this little church that i lived right next to and popped 2 of those fuckers each. he also brought like  2 joints and we smoked those until we started tripping. holy shit, the fucking trees were glowing so bright... » Continue Reading

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my arms..........

Category: Life

i have this huge gaping hole on my arm atp and it feels like something's missing. it's kinda scaring me because i can feel the unevenness as i speak. i think it's because i carved a chunk out of skin by accident :3 don't hit fat guys! it causes a huuuge hole » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

i keep getting really violent cramps in my stomach and it feels like a fucking demon is trying to crawl out of there.  anyways, i'm gonna go smoke a joint :p  𖤐  » Continue Reading

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