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Category: SpaceHey

Do  not  friend request me if: You are under 18. You are a pedo, abuser, animal abuser, or zoophile, or if you are friends with any of those types of people. You send unsolicited NSFW IMs (IMing me randomly is fine as long as you don't send NSFW right out the gate). You don't respect people's preferred pronouns, disabilities, or neurodivergence. You don't support the LGBT community. You are racist... » Continue Reading

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Embed scrobbles to your profile page [Expanded]

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

I wanted to expand on this previous post: The Basics There's the basic code to have a plain old image embedded that shows your recent Scrobbles: More Parameters! But, you can add parameters to the code above to customise how the embed looks! The table below shows all the available options: Parameter|                       Description|                     ... » Continue Reading

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