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"Finally read The Lottery. Subtle, creeping horror is where its at"

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Body Positivity

Category: Writing and Poetry

"Why do you live in your body like you will be given another? As if it were temporary. You starve it, you let anyone touch it, you berate it. Tell it that should be completely different. You tug at your soft flesh, wish it thinner, wish it gone. You fall in love with those who praise the way it sighs under their hands, but who praises the way it holds up your weight, even when you are falling apar... » Continue Reading

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Nonsensical thoughts #1

Category: SpaceHey

I feel old but I'm new to this site and I'm using this as my status update. I just wanna say I really feel strongly that the incredible An, creator of this lovely little world, should change her profile picture to be a parody on that Facebook dude on Myspace who was standing in front of a whiteboard in bad lighting. He had spiky hair or something right??? » Continue Reading

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