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Dream 1/17/21

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

I had a dream that I was on a yaucht with Jeffree Star and his boy toy. His boy toy was fucking around at the tip of the bow, and caused the ship to sink head first. We all conjugated at the opposite end to balance the weight of the ship. I remember I was holding a tiny tiny horse (neigh~ XDDD). Some girl was super upset that someone broke up with her or cheated or some shit.  I then went to a par... » Continue Reading

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Current Fanfiction (that im reading)

Category: Writing and Poetry

Rating: Explicit  Fandom: Harry Potter Ship: Drarry (Draco X Harry)  Notes: I really love this author Summary:  I am only on chapter 4 but so far, Harry is in the BDSM community as a dom and he meets Draco at a coffee shop after moving back to England from Canada after the war... Its a lot to take in and i'm so ready!! Here is the link » Continue Reading

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