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Characters I kin //

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

And yes uhm sorry I’m a bit traumatised ^^ •Osamu Dazai (BSD) •Ryunosuke Akutagawa (BSD) •Edogawa Ranpo (BSD) •Killua Zoldyck (HxH) •Fyodor Dostovsky (BSD) •Ray (TPN) •L (Death Note) •Jeff the killer (no words atp^^) •Haku (Spirited away) •Sasuke (Naruto) •Saiki K. (Too lazy to write the whole name of the anime ^^) •Yuta (Jjk) •Scaramouche (Genshin Impact) •Bachira (Blue Lock) [ » Continue Reading

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Art Dump :33

Category: Art and Photography

So y’all I love art as you may know from my profile so here’s an ART DUMP I hope you’ll like it (some drawings are better some are less good) https://ibb.co/BfpzHjg https://ibb.co/0jF3F29 https://ibb.co/WpNJLqN  (just a silly lil drawing to cure boredom) » Continue Reading

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