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my cd collection ^3^

Category: Music

wanted to do this bcuz i recently got a cd playuhh B) flood - they might be giants violator - depeche mode yellow submarine - the beatles siamese dream - smashing pumpkins mellon collie and the infinite sadness - smashing pumpkins staring at the sea (the singles) - the cure disintegration - the cure  meat is murder - the smiths the queen is dead - the smiths louder than bombs - the smiths i brough... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

yoohoo im  MARS ; ima teen halfblood-vampire-alien (my loser score is only 28 btw)) i like to talk to anyone who will listen about anything and everything especially music and literature :o) honkhonk ((clown face)) so plz back off if ur a bully or a pedophile creepo & if ur over 18 dont message me or anyth » Continue Reading

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MAY 30 BLOG: scene muzic!!!! o_o

Category: Blogging

......is interesting. now listen, i like metal. i LOVE metal. im all about that heavy stuf!!! but idk. sum if this is catchy but its just guys screaming about hot girls and "getting crunk* with a shitty club type beat. WELL i guess its perfect for raves n stuff lol but maybe not my thang. i LOVE parry gripp tho!!!!! since i was 8 xD xD yknow wats good??? desktop!! by corner store kingdom :) theres... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

wassup dawgs how it be how it be me personally im very shiny 2day. NO ONE CAN BRiNG ME DOWN!!!!!! YAHHHH!!!!!!!! -- DOOOOD i literally have exams next friday HAHHAHA im so unprepared xD xxD but hey i got a 97 on my algebra test so my tutor gave me a WHOLE BOX OF FANCYB G2 PENS!!!!!!! I FRIGGIN LOVE PENS!!!!!!! UGH. wow.  ive been watching emesis blu (tf2 sfm) lately and hoooly sheit dude its scary... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

HOOOOHAAAAH whats up chat today i got off from skewl bcuz i had to go to da eye dr >:)) it RULED!!!!!!!! i ddid my test n stuff n they let me pick a priiiize (the rubber duckie drawer. I COLLECT RUBBER DUCKIES!!!!!!) so while da lady wasnt looking i snagged 2 xtra duckies!!!!! #WIN!! bringing my collection to 7 DUCKIES!!!!!!!!! HELL YEAHAHHHH » Continue Reading

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