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Its been a while

Category: Blogging

It truly has been a while. I always forget that this site exists. Sadly lost my friend group but i think that was the best. they were holding me back from learning new things and finding out who i truly am. I am curious how this journey of my life will continue » Continue Reading

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Feeling alone

Category: Blogging

Does anyone else ever feel lonely even tho they know they are not alone?  I know that there is always someone else who understands or goes through the same things as you do, but why do I still feeling lonely some times? As if there is something missing, something that hasnt even been here in the first place. And yet there are times I wish I were alone. Maybe I just like to be alo » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

I love being alive and getting to experience everything through my own eyes. While this life is very exhausting to the point I can barely find time to relax, I still find enjoyment to it. Getting to know new things and people is a lovely experience, i just wish I know how to express myself better, maybe then I will find for the things I am looking for. Maybe one day. Till then I » Continue Reading

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Expressing myself

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

I wish I could be more open with my feelings. To be able to express myself better and to do it without losing my voice in the middle of it. Why is it so hard to do something when I know that it isnt. Mabye one day. Maybe. » Continue Reading

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