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Movie reviews - Superbad

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

first off this movie is very funny. it reminded me of the vibe of mean girls but like for boys. some of the comedy was aged-poorly but that didn't bother me. as much it was very much a comedy film it has a lot of heart, which I will touch on more in my spoiler section. it also birthed the Mclovin meme which makes it a legendary movie on its own. now with my issues with the movie.  some of the come... » Continue Reading

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Movie Reviews- BeetleJuice

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

BeetleJuice is a very funny movie. last night I watched beetlejuice with a few friends for Halloween. it is in no way a perfect movie but it very funny. it was well written and creative especially with its costume design and set design. some things I didn't care for were the ending and Winona Ryder acting just was not doing it for me. I didn't care for the character of BeetleJuice either .He was k... » Continue Reading

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Movie reviews - Five Night's at Freddys

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

I didn't care for it but I had fun. the movie was very eh for me, my theater was great since we spent a lot of the movie laughing at the bad parts in the movie. it was not scary it would of been better if it was rated R, but they knew they would make less money since the majority of the fanbase is children and teenagers.  Spoilers from here on out some things I did enjoy was the fact that they rea... » Continue Reading

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Spooky surveys/ Original by Glam Cat

Category: Quiz/Survey

Spooky Questions (Made by GlamCat) 1. Would you sleep in a coffin? Yes probably, I mean as long as I had blankets  2. If you had to sell a haunted house, what would you tell potential buyers about it? I feel like I would advertise it as it is since a whole lot of people like that spooky shit now of days including me 3. How would you survive as a character ... » Continue Reading

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School Sucks

Category: Blogging

I hate school, am so burned out :/  but at least my grades are nice » Continue Reading

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Mlp oc design

Category: Art and Photography

I have been trying to dig myself out of art block, so I forced myself to design something. » Continue Reading

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Looking for friends ^^

Category: Friends

Hiii, am bored and need people to talk to so add me and or message me sooo am not bored anymore » Continue Reading

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Category: Art and Photography

I love this gif but I had no one to send it too so am posting it here!!!! » Continue Reading

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new here!!!

Category: SpaceHey

Hi, am new here just thought I would make in intro post am Dante, I use he/they pronouns and I like film and art ^^  » Continue Reading

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