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musings 5

Category: Life

Saw that new tmnt movie and it was pretty fun but I gotta admit hearing one of the turtles say "rizz" had me frozen in confusion for a minute LMAO. I also accidentally found a really nice theatre to go to, wasn't painfully expensive n was really clean so that was nice. Only downside is my girlfriend had to go home afterwards so..... blows up » Continue Reading

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musings 4

Category: Life

Bout to head home after hanging with my gf… what if I exploded and died instead 🥹 need to see my Kippie again as soon as I can, but college is kicking my ass  » Continue Reading

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musings 3

Category: Life

With yesterday being my birthday I am now 20. Went to an aquarium, saw lots of fishies, hung out with the tubbiest squirrels ever, and then enjoyed a movie with my gf. So all and all pretty good :]  » Continue Reading

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music recommendations?

Category: Music

Doing some homework and wanna know if anyone has any songs they'd like to share? I'm honestly down for any genre but I am a huge fan of soundtracks, metal, and hyperpop to name some specifics (tho again I'll literally listen to anything).  » Continue Reading

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musings 2

Category: Life

ARGHHHHH HOMEWORK ARGGHHHH I hate doing college homework dawg, I just wanna draw and write but instead I'm doing boring assignments on tiny deadlines. Oh whaleeeee I'll just have to get my stuff done quick so I can get back to some actual fun. ^ real picture of me not getting to have my silly fun » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

I really need to write more, I never really get far with what I make and instantly crumble thanks to perfectionism. Like wym this isn't a perfect finished piece on the first draft!!! GARGHHH!! Gonna inspire myself via fanfiction because I'm obsessed with BG3 at the moment.  » Continue Reading

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