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School is causing me to be inactive

Category: Life

Hello! Since I started school I won't be as active as I was during summer. It will take me longer to accept friends and reply to comments. I will still try and be as active as possible and I'm certainly not leaving/quitting spacehey!  » Continue Reading

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Characters that I like!

Category: Blogging

Hello! These are some of the characters that I like! King Julien(Madagascar, All hail king Julien) Zim(Invader Zim) Brett(Inside job) The Beast(Over the garden wall) Rainbowdash, Pinkie Pie, Luna, Spike, Thorax(My little pony) Sid, Manny, Diego(Ice age) Ralph(Wreck it Ralph) Merida(Brave) Mr. Scrooge(a Christmas carol) Neytiri, Jake(Avatar) Saiki K.,Nendo(Disastrous life of Saiki K.) Naruto(Naruto... » Continue Reading

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About me

Category: Blogging

Yoo what is up guys😎 I've never done a blog before so bare with me here lmao, here are some things about me! -Infinix is my only nickname -I go by all pronouns but prefer he/him or they/them (If we get closer i'll be more comfortable with she/her) -I am diagnosed with autism -I have a hard time comprehending some things, so I might be difficult to talk to sometimes lmao  -I have a hard time unders... » Continue Reading

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