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16 , prns; she/her :] (pic is me lol)

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Category: Art and Photography

i make art based off my interests (videogames, my fav musicians, movies and stuf) but i cant post on spacehey so checkout my instagram if ur interested in that kinda stuff (or not its completley fine if u dont ) ( aoisr_kirby07) i might find a way to post on spacehey in the future but for now this is the easiest way of doing things lolzzz sorry for the random blog  » Continue Reading

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night walk tree<3

Category: Art and Photography

i really love walking late at night/ early in the morning, its always so peaceful! i love seeing the more nocturnal animals and the how calm the dark sky looks! I usually see foxes as there some that are near my neighbourhood and there so cute T_T  WHY CANT I TALK TO THE FOXES AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA » Continue Reading

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im gonna figure it out later LOLLZZ

Category: Blogging

i think im gonna write abt stuff that makes me happy and stuff i dont know if that would be interesting but i hope pepl find some happiness from it :p  i like nature and i have a lot of nostalgia for old internet stuff and cartoonz so it would probz be abt that + music i luv LOLZZ  xxx  » Continue Reading

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