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Highschool (another rant)

Category: Blogging

I moved schools a lot, so I really have no idea what to think abt  this one. This is one of those stereotypical schools that people go to, and everyone vapes and has intercourse.  Idk what else to say, honestly. The idea of highschool used to be cool to me, but I can only imagine the 2000s kids having a more enjoyable time. Back when people were cool and famous for having a talent, not another dis... » Continue Reading

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Why school lunch is pretty tasty (in my opinion)

Category: Blogging

The food at my school used to be revolting. I was sick for two weeks every day after eating it, but they slowly improved. I always hear people complain about it, and before i agreed with the opinions of my peers. (It used to be literal trash, the pizza stuck to the melting paper - ish bowl they had) They began improving though, and the pizza and the cheese sticks are the main things i eat. Every s... » Continue Reading

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Social anxiety sucks (a rant)

Category: Blogging

I have had issues with people in the past, and because of that my brain determines how people will treat me in the future. I am not a judgmental person myself, but my brain never allows me to try and seek out other people. I almost concluded that i just don't like people, but i don't hate anybody, honestly, its just more difficult to talk to people who are somewhat normal. This website isn't bad, ... » Continue Reading

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